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Author University of Chicago
Source Globus Personal Endpoint

Globus Server Endpoint

Category File Transfer
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You will learn how to transfer data in HPC by using globus command line in this guide. If you prefer doing all the operations through globus website, please follow the link below:

Module required

module purge
module load sqlite/3.18.0 tcl/ python/3.6.1 globus/2.3.6

Application Usage


  • Start with the command (Figure 1):
globus login
  • Copy the link shown in terminal to your browser and obtain the token (Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4)
  • Copy the token from website to your terminal and type enter (Figure 5)
  • Check if you have logged in successfully (Figure 6)
globus whoami
  • Please check Figure 1,2,3,4,5 for details
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6

Endpoint Setting

  • Set endpoint ID to environment variable
export ep=a2289ee8-6c71-11e7-a9cb-22000bf2d287
  • Authorize endpoint (You need to do it at the first time)
globus endpoint activate --web $ep

You may get something as below:

Web activation url:

copy the url you get (not the one above) to your browser and finish authorization.

Data Transfer

  • Transfer file from your home directory to archive:
globus transfer $ep:/home/xil14026/job_home.txt $ep:/archive/xil14026/job_archive.txt
  • Transfer file from your scratch to home directory
$ globus transfer $ep:/scratch/xil14026/ $ep:/home/xil14026/job_home.txt 
  • Transfer folder from your home directory to archive
globus transfer -r $ep:/home/xil14026/home_folder $ep:/archive/xil14026/archive_folder
  • Transfer folder from your scratch to home directory
globus transfer -r $ep:/scratch/xil14026/scratch_folder $ep:/archive/xil14026/archive_folder

Some Useful Commands

  • Check all tasks' status
globus task list 
  • Check the specific task
globus task show 6d66b640-1459-11e9-9f9f-0a06afd4a22e
  • Check my end-points
globus endpoint search --filter-scope my-endpoints
  • Check recently used endpoints
globus endpoint search --filter-scope recently-used