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Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS)
Author Many (see website)
Source FTP tarball
Category Visualization of earth science data
Help documentation
mailing list

The GrADS visualization software provides the following programs:

Program Description
bufrscan Reads BUFR messages and prints out ascii values
grads GrADS - The basic package
grib2scan Extracts grid info from a GRIB2 data set
gribmap Creates an index file that "maps" a GRIB data set for a GrADS descriptor file
gribscan Extracts grid info from a GRIB data set
stnmap Maps station data

Loading the GrADS module

To install the all graphical libraries required for GrADS, a Singularity container was generated and is available on Singularity Hub.

Therefore to use the grads module, one also needs the singularity module. Load both of them to use grads:

module load singularity grads

SLURM script

An example GrADS batch job suggested by grads -help:

#SBATCH --nodes 1
#SBATCH --ntasks 1

module purge                   # Remove any other environmental modules
module load singularity grads  # Setup our environment

grads -lbxc ""