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Author H2O.ai company
Website h2o.ai
Source GitHub
Category Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
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From wikipedia:

H2O is open-source software for big-data analysis.

The H2O software runs can be called from the statistical package R, Python, and other environments. It is used for exploring and analyzing datasets held in cloud computing systems ... The H2O software is written in Java, Python, and R. Its graphical-user interface is compatible with four browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Running H2O

To create the h2o cluster on SLURM, we written a bash script available on GitHub https://github.uconn.edu/HPC/dietslurm

You can fetch a copy on the cluster using git:

git clone https://github.uconn.edu/HPC/dietslurm
cd dietslurm
sbatch h2o.slurm

Modify h2o.slurm to your needs.

Note that the launcher script supports h2o in any language by passing the path to the h2o.jar file. Passing the jar path is not necessary for R.