Intro Workshop

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Outline for Introductory Workshop


  • What HPC is useful for, what it's not useful for
  • Priority versus non-priority
  • Alternatives to HPC - Penguin computing, Google Cloud Compute, XSEDE
  • What you need to know to use HPC (say what we're going to say)
  • Online resources -


  • Layout of Cluster - login nodes, compute nodes, parallel storage, archive storage, network access
  • How to login from on-campus and off-campus; from Windows, Mac, Linux
  • X11, X2go and interactive graphics (quickest test, run xev)

Using the Shell

  • Basic Unix commands for dealing with files and directories (Unix/Linux users won't need this)
  • Storage options: home, scratch, shared and archive
  • Local versus remote editing - vim, nano, emacs, ...
  • Loading software with the module command

Slurm Scheduler

  • Interactive jobs, short and small,
    • console-only ( srun --pty bash )
    • X11 ( fisbatch )
  • Batch jobs with sbatch
  • Utilities: sjobs, scontrol, sacct