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LIGGGHTS Discrete Element Method Particle Simulation Software
Author CFDEM PRoject
Source Git
Help manual

From the CFDEM website:

LIGGGHTS is an Open Source Discrete Element Method Particle Simulation Software.

LIGGGHTS stands for LAMMPS improved for general granular and granular heat transfer simulations. LAMMPS is a classical molecular dynamics simulator. It is widely used in the field of Molecular Dynamics. Thanks to physical and algorithmic analogies, LAMMPS is a very good platform for DEM simulations. LAMMPS offers a GRANULAR package to perform these kind of simulations. LIGGGHTS aims to improve those capability with the goal to apply it to industrial applications.

Loading the LIGGGHTS module

Best practise is to specify the module with the version number for programs to run consistently. To see the versions of modules on the cluster, use the module avail command:

module avail liggghts

Now we can load the latest available LAMMPS module, which at the time of writing is 3.8:

module load liggghts/3.8

One can avoid loading the module at each log in, by using module initadd:

$ module initadd liggghts/3.8

Note that liggghts also loads OpenMPI, so no other packages should be necessary to run it.


If possible, you should always first run your code in your local machine just to ensure that your code is correct. You can do it on a small dataset and a small configuration (single processor, etc.). This way you would be able to catch any errors not related to the cluster even before submitting your job.