SSH on GNU Linux

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OpenConnect 7 is currently not available in many distribution package managers. For example, our campus Ubuntu ECS-Linux version is 14.04, but OpenConnect 7.06 is only available on Ubuntu 15.10 Wily.

A quick and dirty solution is to install from source. For Ubuntu 14.04:

sudo apt-get install openconnect libssl-dev libxml2-dev
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xvpf openconnect-7.06.tar.gz
cd openconnect-7.06
mkdir -p ~/apps/openconnect/
./configure --prefix=/home/$(whoami)/apps/openconnect/ --with-vpnc-script=/usr/share/vpnc-scripts/vpnc-script --without-gnutls
make && make install

Then you can run it with

sudo ~/apps/openconnect/sbin/openconnect --juniper

After logging in with your Net ID if you see this last line in the output:

Connected tun0 as, using SSL

You're connected to the VPN. You'll have to keep the terminal with openconnect running for the VPN connection to remain open.