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Users who need read-only datasets can contact our administrators to request the dataset. For example, people who study bioinformatics often need reference dataset for different organisms. The reference dataset is usually very large so user can only save them in /scratch. But. it is inconvenient to touch the dataset every 15 days to prevent deletion. If you have such kind of dataset, we can store the dataset for you. The dataset must meet the following requirements:

  • dataset is read-only, cannot be writable or executable
  • dataset is public (can be used by other users) or is restricted to a group of users

The shared dataset is under path: /scratch/shareddata/. The data under this directory will be stored permanently. Now we have 4 reference datasets in genome directory: hg19 hg38 mm9 and mm10.

To make the linking path shorter, you can create a soft link with dataset under your home directory. For example:

$ cd 
$ link -s /scratch/shareddata/genome ./genome