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Abaqus FEA

The Abaqus FEA (Simulia, Providence, RI) is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released in 1978. Abaqus FEA has been installed and configured on the School of Engineering HPC (code name: Hornet). Currently Abaqus 6.12 and 6.11 are both available on Hornet.

Loading Abaqus Modules

To use Abaqus 6.12 on Hornet you will need first load the Abaqus module using this command:

 module load abaqus/6.12

Then, load FORTRAN compiler if you intend to use subroutine with your simulation:

 module load intelics/2012.0.032

Running Abaqus Through LSF

On Hornet Abaqus jobs are managed by LSF. To submit a job to Abaqus through LSF, run this command:

  Abq6122 job=job-1 user=code.f cpus=2 que=standard:fslocal

where “Abq6122” is the command to invoke Abaqus FEA 6.12, “job-1” is the file name of your input file (job-1.inp), “code.f” is the file name of the user subroutine, “cpus=2” will request two CPUs to run current job and “que=standard:fslocal” will allow Abaqus to run the simulation in a local file system.

The simulation will most likely run on another compute node. The simulation result files will be copied back upon completion. To run ABAQUS in a shared file system, “que=strandard:fsshared” should be used instead.


At this time, the Abaqus script written in C++ has not been tested.