Cannot write to home directory

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Different software will give you different types of error messages when you exceed the allowed space in your home directory. Most often they will complain about being unable to write.

Here are three way to learn about how much space you are using in your home directory.


Most users have a 300GB quota on their home directory. This also list the quota on any shared directories to which you have access. Run myquota to see your current limit and how much you are using. For example:

$ myquota
Filesystem                 Directory     Used    Limit
Home   Quota:            /home/NETID   195.9G     300G


You can use the standard Linux command du to see how much is stored in each directory. Depending upon the size of your home directory, this could take a few minutes to complete

  du -hsc ~/*


This is similar to the above, but it give you an interactive display of your file usage that you can explore using the keyboard

   module load ncdu