Upload and download files from and to the HPC Cluster

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This page provides instructions on how to copy files to and from the HPC Cluster using Secure Copy (SCP), which transfers files between computers using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. In order to use any of these methods to transfer files, you must either be on the Storrs campus or using the UConn VPN. See this page for VPN instructions.


FileZilla is a graphical file transfer utility for all operating systems. Download and run Filezilla Client.

  1. In the top menu, click on File > Site Manager.
    FileZilla Site Manager.png
  2. Click on "New Site" and call it, say, "hpc". Fill in the values for "Host", "Protocol" and "Login" (with your NetID) as shown below. Then click "Connect".
    Filezilla Add Site.png
  3. When Filezilla connects, you will see the remote file list.
    FileZilla Site Connected.png
  4. To transfer files you can drag and drop between the left (local) and right (remote) computers.
  5. The next time you start FileZilla, you can quickly login with the Site Manager button.
    Filezilla How To Connect.png

SCP (Mac OS or GNU/Linux)

To transfer large files between 2 computers, it is useful to directly transfer between those computers instead of copying to your local computer. One can use scp on the cluster to copy files. scp is a command line utility bundled with UNIX operating systems. For example, to upload file(s):

scp <local_file> <NetID>@login.storrs.hpc.uconn.edu:/path/to/remote/destination/directory

To download a directory:

scp -r <NetID>@login.storrs.hpc.uconn.edu:/path/to/remote/source/directory . # The dot means current directory; -r means recursively copy everything in the directory

WinSCP (Windows only)

WinSCP is already installed on SkyBox machines. Use the same connection settings as FileZilla.