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Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS)
Author Many (see website)
Website http://cola.gmu.edu/grads/
Source FTP tarball
Category Visualization of earth science data
Help documentation
mailing list

The GrADS visualization software provides the following programs:

Program Description
bufrscan Reads BUFR messages and prints out ascii values
grads GrADS - The basic package
grib2scan Extracts grid info from a GRIB2 data set
gribmap Creates an index file that "maps" a GRIB data set for a GrADS descriptor file
gribscan Extracts grid info from a GRIB data set
stnmap Maps station data

Loading the GrADS module

To install the all graphical libraries required for GrADS, a Singularity container was generated and is available on Singularity Hub.

Therefore to use the grads module, one also needs the singularity module. Load both of them to use grads:

module load singularity grads

SLURM script

An example GrADS batch job suggested by grads -help:

#SBATCH --nodes 1
#SBATCH --ntasks 1

grads -lbxc "myscript.gs"