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= Software =
= Software =
   Check our [[File transfer between hosts| file transfer guide]].
   Check our [[HPC_Software| Software guide]].

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Connecting to the cluster

If you don't have an account, learn how to get one here.

SSH access

Normally to access the cluster resources, OpenSSH is used. SSH stands for secure shell. It is the industry standard for remote access and command execution.

For Windows users, the recommended OpenSSH client is PuTTY. Please visit the PuTTY website to download.

The SSH destination is: hornet.engr.uconn.edu

Please note that, for security reasons, we limit SSH connections to on-campus or VPN access only. Access is only available from the UCONN wired network or the UCONN-SECURE wireless network.

If you need off-campus access, you can use the UCONN VPN.

Alternatively, if you have a School of Engineering account, you can first SSH to icarus.engr.uconn.edu, then to the cluster.

Web Interface

Alternately, jobs can also be submitted and controlled an easy-to-use web interface, the Platform Application Center. This is also limited to on-campus and UCONN VPN access. The URL for the Platform-Application Center GUI is https://hornet-pac.engr.uconn.edu.

Transferring files in and out of the cluster

 Check our  file transfer guide.
 Alternative the Platform-Application Center GUI can be used. The URL for the Platform-Application Center GUI is https://hornet-pac.engr.uconn.edu.

Submitting Jobs

All job submission, management and scheduling is done using Platform LSF. Below are instructions for how to use LSF when connected to the cluster via SSH.

Always run jobs via LSF with the bsub command. If you do not, your process will be killed.

Job Submission - bsub (docs)

Commands are submitted to lsf using the bsub command. This is known as submitting a job.

  • To submit a simple job (one that uses a single CPU core):
bsub {COMMAND}
  • To submit learn more about job submission and management, please read our LSF Guide.


 Check our  Software guide.