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This article is a work in progress

The HPC Intermediate workshop is for any researcher to use UConn's computer cluster with at least some experience of the command-line or using clusters, even if it is not with using our particular cluster. Additionally, fluency in any programming language is expected to understand concepts like variables, functions, etc. This event will be more informal and we expect to fine tune the topics based on your experiences.

This workshop covers:

  • 70% Strategies to parallelize programs.
  • 20% Good practices and habits for numerical programming.
  • 10% A little vocabulary and theory.

If you are in the workshop classroom, sign-in as a student to UCONNHPC on socrative.com. If you don't see the lesson materials under /scratch/lesson-intermediate, they are also available on our public GitHub repository: HPC/lesson-intermediate

# Make your own copy of the lessons
mkdir -p /scratch/$USER
cd /scratch/$USER
git clone https://github.uconn.edu/HPC/lesson-intermediate.git