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This page is to aggregate useful HPC related wiki changes, including those inspired by HelpSpot, to share with the HORNET_USERS-L mailing list.

  1. All information must already be documented in the wiki, so maintaining the wiki resource is essential. Read through the Recent Changes to update this list.
  2. Where possible, cite users who drove the wiki changes. Ideally, user information should be included in the "Summary" field when making any change to the wiki. An example of such a change might be "New tcsh batch script (Thanks, <full name of user>)" Including the user name with the summary change, would save time cross referencing the wiki change with the HelpSpot ticket archives.

Notable updates beginning Fall 2015

So far this list only covers July 2015 changes.

CAMx Guide
Example Batch script using MPI+OpenMP.
Example tcsh Batch script.
Correcting failed job submission due to file format.
Example of debugging code using fisbatch and interactive GUI apps.