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This article is a work in progress.

IPython is so much more useful than the typical python shell, that the first thing to as a programmer on a new computer is to install IPython before anything else! IPython gives you features like tab completion, running programs from the shell, editing files from inside python, saving history, and exploring source code among other things. Version 6 of IPython now also has static completion, so if you open square brackets you can tab-complete Python lists and dictionaries, write really long commands and use fewer temporary variables.

Don't worry if you have never programmed with Python before. The language is fun to learn. Learning python is beyond the scope of this guide, so feel free to consult the resources in the sidebar of the Python subreddit. If you need help and are new to programming in general, you can post to Learn Python or contact the HPC admins if your question is cluster related.

Requirements for this guide:

  • Some experience with the shell
  • Some experience with any programming language

Learning objectives:

  • Creating macros
  • Running python programs
  • Building up a script
  • Debugging errors

This introduction to IPython is part of the HPC intermediate workshop.