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Windows does not come with a built-in SSH client. However you can download PuTTY for free. A very useful feature of PuTTY is it does not need to be installed, which allows it to be used on machines without administrative access. Simply run the putty.exe file.


To connect to the cluster, just enter the "Host Name" as shown below, and replace "NetID" with your own. PuTTY-Settings.png

To save you from having to enter this "Host Name" line the next time you run PuTTY, type any name into the "Saved Sessions" box ("login3" in the screenshot) and click the "Save" button. Then when you next open PuTTY, just double click on the saved session in the list (under Default) to open the connection with your saved settings.

Also, the first time you connect, you will see a warning about the server's fingerprint. Click "Yes" to accept the server's public key. PuTTY-Warnings.png

Now you will see a black terminal with your Net ID, prompting for your password. Type your UConn password to log in to the cluster. That's it! You can continue reading about submitting jobs from the SLURM Guide and the HPC Software Guides.