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Small Group File/Directory Sharing

You can use file access control list (facl's) to allow specific users to access files.

$ setfacl -m "u:user_name:permissions' example_file

You can also set a default ACL for a directory.

$ setfacl -dm "u:user_name:permissions' example_dir

The default will be applied to all newly created subdirectories and files, so you may use it to make an entire directory accessible to a user/group.

To create a shared directory on our temporary file system you would do:

$ mkdir /scratch/shared_dir_name
$ setfacl -dm "u:your_user_name:rw-" "u:associate_1_user_name:rw-" "u:associate_2_user_name:rw-" /scratch/shared_dir_name

You can add any number of "u:user_name:perm" fields to the above command while replacing the italicized areas appropriately.

For more information you can go to:

Large/Persistent Group Work

If you're in a large group, or your work requires persistent storage, you should open a ticket with Storrs HPC support, and we will evaluate if it necessary to provide disk space on /shared/, or /archive/.