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To be fair to all users of the cluster, please be aware of these resource limits and usage expectations.


Name Path Size (GB) Persistence Backed up? Purpose
Home ~ 2 Permanent Yes Personal storage, available on every node
Group /shared By request Permanent Yes Group storage for collaborative work
Fast /scratch 220,000 (shared) 2 weeks No Fast RAID-0 storage, generally for result files
Local to node /work 100 5 days No Useful for large intermediate files, globally accessible from /misc/cnXX

If you try to run ls on either the /home, /shared, or /work/cnXX directories, you might not see them. They are invisible because they are mounted on demand by autofs, when an attempt is made to access a file under the directory, or using cd to enter the directory structure.

Appendix: Storage

Check size of home directory

You can check your home directory quota usage with:

/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlsquota -j $(whoami) gpfs2

Example output:

                         Block Limits                                    |     File Limits
Filesystem type             KB      quota      limit   in_doubt    grace |    files   quota    limit in_doubt    grace  Remarks
gpfs2      FILESET        6272          0    2097152          0     none |      165       0        0        0     none 

Your current usage and allowed limit are highlighted in red.

Recovered deleted files

  • File system snapshots are created every day and kept for 1 week.
  • An additional snapshot is created every second Monday and is saved for 2 weeks.
  • Users can access their home directory snapshots in:

Shared directories are available in