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The Storrs HPC cluster is a shared resource available to all researchers on all campuses. Before using the cluster, please familiarize yourself with the policies listed below.

Scheduled Jobs

All computational jobs need to be submitted to the cluster using the job scheduler. Please read the SLURM Guide for helpful information on using the scheduler. Listed below are the runtime and resource limits for scheduled jobs.

Job property Default Partition (general) Limit Serial Partition Limit Large Partition Limit
Run time 12 hours 7 days 6 hours
CPU cores 192 24 384
Concurrent jobs 8

Unscheduled programs

Programs that are running on a login node ( without using the job scheduler are subject to certain restrictions. Any program that violates these restrictions may be throttled or terminated without notice.

Run time (minutes) CPU limit Memory limit
20 5% 5%

Below is a list of programs that are allowed on the login node without restrictions:

  • bash
  • bzip
  • cp
  • du
  • emacs
  • fort
  • gcc
  • gfortran
  • gunzip
  • gzip
  • icc
  • ifort
  • less
  • make
  • more
  • mv
  • nvcc
  • rm
  • rsync
  • sftp
  • smbclient
  • ssh
  • tail
  • tar
  • vim
  • wget
  • x2goagent

Data Storage

Please familiarize yourself with the data storage guidelines described on the Getting Started page. All data that is stored on the cluster is subject to the restricted described on that page, and data that is not in compliance may be removed. Any data that is classified as confidential per the UConn Information Security Office cannot be stored on the HPC cluster.