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To be fair to all users of the cluster, please be aware of these resource limits and usage expectations.


Name Path Size (GB) Persistence Backed up? Purpose
Home ~ 2 Permanent Yes Personal storage, available on every node
Group /shared By request Permanent Yes Group storage for collaborative work
Fast /scratch 220,000 (shared) 2 weeks No Fast RAID-0 storage, generally for result files
Local to node /work 100 5 days No Useful for large intermediate files

If you try to run ls on either the /home or /shared directories, you might not see them. This is because they are mounted on demand by autofs, and therefore invisible until an attempt is made to access them by either reading a file under the directory, or using cd to enter the directory structure.

Appendix: Storage

Check size of home directory

You can check your home directory quota usage with:

/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlsquota -j $(whoami) gpfs2

Example output:

                         Block Limits                                    |     File Limits
Filesystem type             KB      quota      limit   in_doubt    grace |    files   quota    limit in_doubt    grace  Remarks
gpfs2      FILESET        6272          0    2097152          0     none |      165       0        0        0     none 

Your current usage and allowed limit are highlighted in red.

Recovered deleted files

  • File system snapshots are created every day and kept for 1 week.
  • An additional snapshot is created every second Monday and is saved for 2 weeks.
  • Users can access their home directory snapshots in:

Shared directories are available in