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== Installation ==
== Installation ==
=== GNU / Linux ===
For GNU / Linux, OS X and Windows, follow the instructions on the [http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:installation:x2goclient x2go wiki].
We recommend installing the Qt x2goclient.
To do this on Debian or Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install x2goclient
== Configuration ==
== Configuration ==

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We have setup our HORNET cluster to run graphical applications using x2go. x2go is a fast remote desktop manager that allows you to reconnect and continue working with graphical applications even if your work is interrupted by network issues. You can close your session and continue exactly where you left off whenever you want (just like you would be able to with a command-line equivalent like tmux).

We generally, recommend against running any sort of graphical applications on the HORNET login nodes since graphical applications consume much more resources and is impolite to other users. However there are a few cases where using x2go is necessary. The main reason is to run proprietary software applications that have no command-line interface and only provide a graphical interface. Inside x2go these applications must be run using fisbatch.


For GNU / Linux, OS X and Windows, follow the instructions on the x2go wiki.


Configure the connection settings as follows:

  1. Run x2goclient
  2. Under the Session tab:
    1. Host: hornet-login1.engr.uconn.edu
    2. Login: <Your NetID>
    3. Sesion type: GNOME
    4. (If you have ssh authorized_keys setup) Check the box for "Try auto login (ssh-agent of default ssh key)"
    5. Click OK
  3. A new box will appear on the top-right hand side of x2go showing your connection settings.


Starting a session

  1. Run x2goclient and click the gray "New session" box at the top-right and login with your HORNET credentials.
  2. If this is your first time logging in, click "Yes" in the a message "Host key verification failed: The server is unknown. Do you trust the host key?"
  3. The status message will change from "connecting" to "running" and after a few seconds you will see a new window with your desktop appear.
  4. To run your software, at the top-left side of the screen, click on "Applications" > "System Tools" > "Terminal".
  5. Inside the terminal, start fisbatch to reserve your compute nodes, and then you can run your interactive job.

Pausing and resuming a session

  1. By default, if you close either your running desktop window or the x2goclient window, the session will pause.
  2. Now when you log in the next time you can pick up where you left off.

Terminate session

  1. To terminate your session and start from scratch later, in the main x2go window you will see a power button at the bottom-right side of the gray session box.
  2. Click on the button acknowledge the warning about unsaved documents being lost.